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“Blogging is a conversation, not a code"- Mike Butcher

7th of November

What a week it has been.

Assignments, friends, family, sport, home.

Everything has been chaotic.

It also makes it hard to blog, which annoys me.

All I need is more time. That’s what everyone wants.Sadly, the only time you get determines all purely on you. No one is in charge of that but you. My advice? Use it wisely.

Weather your at the most boring lecture ever, make it funny in your head, or your on the bus, sing along to some tunes or have a conversation to the person next to you.

Make the most of it, use it.

Enjoy the time while you still have it. It’s not gonna be there forever.



The Benefits Of Having A Diary

I saw this video on YouTube where these 4 men and women tested out having a diary for 30 days. That inspired me to write this post.

What are the benefits of having a diary?

  • Therapeutic advantages: When you have a bad day you can write out your problems and mistakes. It is just something to let your thoughts out.
  • Improves writing skills: Most people in the 21st century don’t really hand write anything. Writing more often perfects your skill.
  • Appreciate your achievements: When you achieve your goals you have set out you write down what you did and it effects you in a different way because you know you did something worthwhile.
  • Remember significant days: For example you had your birthday and you threw a massive party that made you just want to savor it for the rest of your life!
  • Something to look back on: In a year or so you can see how your life has progressed and how much you have changed.

I hope you guys get out there and start writing your life story!

– Bry

25th of October

Well today is my sister’s birthday.

As a surprise from the family we got tickets to spend the morning at the jumping crocodile cruise. She absolutely loved it. Which was the reaction we were hoping for.

Today was a good. and I hope you guys had a good day also.


24th of October

How to have a peaceful afternoon by Caitlin

Step One: Find something you like to do that’s peaceful. For me its reading the latest Frankie Mag.

Step Two: Make your favorite food. I can’t pass up the delicious chicken, lettuce and whatever else I can find in the fridge sandwich.

Step Three: Find somewhere quite where the haters can’t find you. It’s time to have a break from their bulls**t for a bit. If you just can’t seem to find a place where you can’t hear them, just put on some of your favorite music.

Step Four: Gather up your food and whatever it is you like to do and enjoy the peace!

“It is far better to be alone, than to be in bad company” –George Washington

23rd of October

So today I was faced with something I’ve never really been able to deal with.

Comforting someone.

Comforting someone with such a serious thing that you feel scared just hearing about it. The only thing I can say and do is hug them, tell them it’s gonna be okay. Then deep down hope for the best.

It was different today though, they were in deep trouble as it is and then, they were going to do something that would only feed fuel to the fire. How can you stop someone from doing that if they only see it’s the only option?

So after letting them go and telling them to be safe. I was scared if I would ever even see them again. Just knowing that you should’ve tried harder, instead you just let it happen.


21st of October

The eyes are a special thing.

They are our brains window, let us see what’s around us.

Also they’re really beautiful.

So recently, I finally convinced my little sister to let me take photos of her eyes. (I don’t think she knows how pretty here eyes really are) and I’m really happy with my results, This sorta photography is really new to me but it’s going to be something I want to continue with.

Hope you guys enjoy!



Video Games! (Part 2)

Hey guys it’s bry! Yesterday I was talking about portable consoles. Today I am going to talk about consoles that aren’t handheld or portable.

In 2012 Sony released the Playstaion 4.

I own a Playstaion 4 this has got to be one of the best things I have owned. I spend hours playing my favourite games on it and I am keen for the release of Black Ops 3! On November the 6th. The day after my birthday ;). 

In the heading photo I have about four games there they are just some of my favourites and most played. Personally Call Of Duty is my favourite. Below are most of the games I own. 

See you guys tomorrow!  – Bry ❤

Video Games ! (Part 1)

Hey guys it’s bry! I have finally come around to making a new post. I thought I would shake it up a little bit and post somthing new.

So I think we all have played a video game from flappy birds to World Of Warcraft. In the photos I have put in are my collection of games for the 3Ds. I particularly like the freedom of having a portable handheld gaming system.You can take it anywhere! 

I have had many of these in my life such as the psp ( my favourite game ever was crash bandicoot) , DS lite , DSI and my current one the 3DS.  

 I will have a couple of parts to this post. Like chapters so this is part one.

Leave a comment below or send me a message telling me what your favourite gaming system is. Can’t wait to see your answers. 

11th of October 2015

So for a while I do this thing where look down. I don’t mean as in my mood but as in literally looking down, at the ground. It’s only recently that I looked up, and I don’t know why but the world looked different. In a good way. Everything seems better, brighter, happier and I actually quite liked it.

Today, these flowers from a tree fell down on me and I looked up even further. Seeing the roof’s canopy made me feel like I was in one of those movies where a child is having the time of their life in a forest or something under the warm sun.

“Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.”

-Albert Einstein

The world truly does have it’s pretty spots.


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