So I get to class today and my friend wanted to show me something. It was a report on Illuminati and what it was exactly. Well to be honest I had no idea what the hell it actually was, sure I have heard the term “Illuminati confirmed” but I honestly had no idea what it was.

It turns out to be “a name given to a secret society who wants to create a one world government with themselves in charge.” Sounds simple enough I thought until I kept reading, “the Illuminati are generally powerful and rich people. The Illuminati will kill anyone, anywhere at any time to get what they need” this is when I got a bit hooked on to the subject of Illuminati, but that’s just the start! This group is made out of famous people such as Jay Z, Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Kesha, Kim Kardashian and oh the list goes on! There’s so much more to the story too such as murders and etc. My recommendation is that you should research it. It’s such an interesting topic and as soon as I got home I did my research and couldn’t stop reading about it . I know it may be an old topic but its actually quite shocking and fascinating at the same time!

Which leads me on to today’s photo. I had no idea what to do for today so i decided to pay the sibling $2 if she did a pose for me and I actually got some good shots and couldn’t decide which one to put as the feature image!

Well hope you guys have a good Thursday, hang on in there its almost the weekend!

Thanks so much for your support, love you guys so much!

Love Caitlin x