I don’t know about you, but after a long hard working day I love to just kick back with whoever is with me talk about how far we’ve come since yesterday.

Since we live such a short life we have to enjoy every bit of it.

What I love about photography is that the camera gives you the opportunity to capture those big moments that can help you to remember till the end.

Today’s photo is a photo that I took after long day of 4WD, hiking, walking and all that other stuff you do when you go adventuring. Basically we got up one morning and dad said “lets go on an adventure kids” my siblings and I all moaned as whenever dad says something like that it will end up as a disaster (meaning that something will go wrong and we’ll be stuck in the middle of nowhere with dad swearing his head off!). I’m so thankful that I live in a place where we have national parks are just at our doorstep and we can just get in the car and go for an adventure, but sometimes things can go terribly wrong and you can be stuck in the heat for hours with your father cursing at the car saying that he knew he should’ve done this or done that.

Well anyway we had nothing do that day so we got in the car and drove off to wherever dad thought there was a track that led somewhere nice. You know what? Absolutely nothing went wrong that day (except for the air-con failing and we had to put up with the heat). For once the track that dad was talking about actually led to a nice river bank in the middle of nowhere. It may have taken all day to get there and we may have found some other spots but I loved the one we found in the end. By sunset the sky went into a shade of purple and blue and the stars were out before the sun even had a chance to set on the horizon. Oh how I wish I brought my landscape lens that day to capture the moment. However I did bring my camera and I did get some photos, so I hope you enjoy!

Happy Friday guys!

Have a great weekend!

Caitlin x