In today’s society, if you ask someone what they want to be when they grow up, the answer will probably be that they don’t know.

I find it quite sad really.

I know some people already have their dreams set ahead of them, but sometimes things change. Our interests change, society around us changes, everything changes. It may be over time, or it may be instant but everything changes.

When I was younger I really loved to swim, every moment I could I would go swimming. At first I thought I was secretly a mermaid, but no, I just really loved the water. Then later that year, we were learning about the Olympics, how people from all around the world gather to this one spot and play against each other in different sporting events. This is where I learnt that there’s a actual competitive sport for swimming. That day when I got home I went straight into the pool, I imagined that I was at the Olympic games and that I was in the middle of a freestyle race, it was coming close to the finish line and I was coming second. I had this last bit of energy in me and I was planning to use it right near the end.Then the moment came and I swam right past the swimmer ahead and right to the finish line. I came first. With heaps of enthusiasm I imagined getting up on stage collecting my gold medal and waving right at the cameras. Ever since then my mind was set. I wanted to be an Olympic swimmer.

Overtime my interests changed, next I wanted to be a firefighter and save lives, then a baker and fill peoples mouths with delicious pastry’s and pies, then I wanted to be a racer and amaze people with the speed of my car. Later I wanted to be a teacher and fill peoples minds with wisdom and knowledge. Later on, it was photography.

I came home from a hard day of school and turned the T.V on to this documentary about the rain forest. I wondered “how did they get this footage of all these tiny animals? They must of used all sorts of cameras and what not to get it. What a boring job would that be?” It wasn’t until I saw this flower bloom in the garden that I wanted to take a photo of it. It was amazing, but I had nothing to take the photo but with my useless iPod. Ever since then I’ve wanted to take photos of the worlds beauty and share it with the people I love. Until this day I still want to do that. The only thing that has changed is that my dream has expanded, I want to take this hobby to the next level. I want to take the camera to its limits. I want to make my photos better.

I know what I want to be, it’s when I ask someone else and they say that they don’t know that it really gets me. “How do you not know?” Is all I can think. Well I guess their still figuring out what to do with life. I know that once they have their mind set they’ll steer the boat in the right direction. They’ll then have a great life ahead of them.

Sorry I haven’t posted in a while. I’ve just been struggling with what to post and how to write it. Thanks so much with your patience!

Caitlin X