Okay, so the School Holidays are hear and being stuck looking after the siblings is kinda boring. Two days went by and we had done absolutely nothing!

My little sister decided that she had enough and went looking for something that we could do. Twenty minutes later she walked out with a tie-dye kit in her hands and said “lets do something”. So we got out our gloves and went to work.

After ages of waiting for the dye to set in the shirts we got them out again and rinsed them through like 10 times. Then finally we hung the shirts up and got to see what we had done to our once white shirts and I gotta say they turned out great! It was worth getting dye stuck under my finger nails for the next few days. You guys should really have a go at doing it, you could end up with a new favorite shirt!

Hope you guys have a great holiday (if you are on break)!

Caitlin X