Before you read on I just wanted to say that I apologize about the quality of this photo.

It’s tiring in my opinion waking up real early one day and realizing that I should’ve of gone to bed earlier. Okay so maybe thats me everyday getting up for another day of reality. Often I think that its just not worth it. That using all this energy on people and the things that they do to you is just a waste of time and that there is no reward for it at the end. I believed this for a long time until not long ago.

4 am my alarm went off telling me that I had to get and get ready for another day, I was told that we had to get up early because dad was taking us out for another adventure. Sometimes they’re exciting sometimes they’re a living hell. I had a feeling that it was going to be a horrible day, maybe because of the lack of sleep I had.

This times adventure was crabbing. I usually don’t enjoy crabbing because I hate handling the pots as they’re quite tricky. Anyway we were on the water way before the sun came up and it was freezing cold! I really didn’t want to be here. Of course I had my camera ready to take a photo if someone had caught something worthy.

So I’m just cuddling myself on the boat trying to get warm when out of nowhere. The sun started to rise. It was one of the most magnificent things I’ve seen. I never usually see the sun rise, only set, but this just one sunrise brought so many colours with it! It was like the sun was waking up and putting the colour in the world for everyone to live in. It was like it’s not just us people that have to get up everyday and live but also other things do too!

Just seeing the sun rise that day made me grateful of so many things that I have. From then on I’ve seem to love getting up. It makes it seem like there is a point to get up everyday and get ready for another day of reality.

The point I wrote this publish is because I want to tell people that there is a point to get up and put up with this thing called reality. You’re reason may be different to others but you’ve got to find one. Finding that reason is the tricky bit though. However once you’ve found it, there can be so many things you can do with that reason. I’m no way in hell saying that life is going to get easy and that reality is going to turn to a walk in the park. I’m saying you can use it to remind yourself why you’re doing this.

Stay strong!

Caitlin X