Who doesn’t love weekends?

At our end of the world we cant let a long weekend pass with doing nothing, we take advantage of it and make sure the weekend isn’t wasted.

This time we went and did MANY things such as:

  • Fishing
  • Camping
  • Exploring
  • Gold Finding
  • Crystal Finding

Oh it was a full on three days! Plus there wasn’t any breakdowns (except for maybe a sibling fight)! Whenever we find a track we always have to take it and find out where it leads to. Well we decided to take a track that started at a plane wreck (the crash site looked pretty cool!), we passed through a river and a lot of boggy sand, but in the end it lead to a magnificent beach. Not only was it pretty but the fishing was great, within the first two casts we had caught a fair sized fish. It was such an amazing weekend!

I hope you guys have had those moments where you watch the sun set/rise with those you love most around you. It is defiantly such an amazing thing. I know we don’t always agree with some people (trust me on that one!) but really at the end of the day when you sit with them and watch your side of the world fall asleep/and or wake up all those moments fanish for that one moment and you really do appreciate that you have them.

Its like all that hard work you put into to put up with them does pay off. It may not seem like it sometimes but you have to look at the situation from a different perspective, sometime that’s the only way to see things worth doing.

Sorry for the wait!

Caitlin X