School camp,

That time of the year where the teachers pack us onto a bus and send us out for a few days to some place where they think will be enjoyable and fun.

Most of the time their right though, most of the time.

And thank goodness they were right this time, at least that’s what I thought.

We were sent to Adventure Bounds, a hunk of land off the highway where they have a flying fox, rock climbing wall, high ropes, and bush walking. The perfect place for 50 kids to run around have fun for three days…

I could go on for ages writing what activities we had to do (which I already have) but I’d rather sum it up to my favorite bit of the camp, night two.


After horrible heat, chlorine tasting water and rope burn we had completed day two. Tonight at dinner Mr T asked for someone to say grace, my friend gave me “the look” and with that we both shot up our hands and said we’d do it. We decided to do the superman themed grace we learnt in primary school. “Thank-you lord for giving us food! Thank-you lord for giving us food! Our daily bread we must be fed! Thanks you Lord for giving us food! AMEN!” sounds like a simple one to say, yet we still stuffed it up. Tonight was camp-fire night, which I didn’t mind until I sat on the most bum splintering log! After singing songs and marshmallow roasting, my friend got up and sung a song on the guitar. Her voice, is the most soothing thing ever I could fall asleep listening to that and with the guitar she sounds like something words can’t put together. I looked up and saw the stars, they were shining sooo brightly I could see the milky-way! That’s what made me smile, sitting under the stars while listening to the most amazing thing, being surrounded by your friends under the light of a thousands stars.

“Perhaps they aren’t stars, but rather openings in the heaven where the love of our lost ones pour through and shine down on us to let us know they are happy”


(would love to, but cant put in any other photos :/)