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12th-14th of August

School camp,

That time of the year where the teachers pack us onto a bus and send us out for a few days to some place where they think will be enjoyable and fun.

Most of the time their right though, most of the time.

And thank goodness they were right this time, at least that’s what I thought.

We were sent to Adventure Bounds, a hunk of land off the highway where they have a flying fox, rock climbing wall, high ropes, and bush walking. The perfect place for 50 kids to run around have fun for three days…

I could go on for ages writing what activities we had to do (which I already have) but I’d rather sum it up to my favorite bit of the camp, night two.


After horrible heat, chlorine tasting water and rope burn we had completed day two. Tonight at dinner Mr T asked for someone to say grace, my friend gave me “the look” and with that we both shot up our hands and said we’d do it. We decided to do the superman themed grace we learnt in primary school. “Thank-you lord for giving us food! Thank-you lord for giving us food! Our daily bread we must be fed! Thanks you Lord for giving us food! AMEN!” sounds like a simple one to say, yet we still stuffed it up. Tonight was camp-fire night, which I didn’t mind until I sat on the most bum splintering log! After singing songs and marshmallow roasting, my friend got up and sung a song on the guitar. Her voice, is the most soothing thing ever I could fall asleep listening to that and with the guitar she sounds like something words can’t put together. I looked up and saw the stars, they were shining sooo brightly I could see the milky-way! That’s what made me smile, sitting under the stars while listening to the most amazing thing, being surrounded by your friends under the light of a thousands stars.

“Perhaps they aren’t stars, but rather openings in the heaven where the love of our lost ones pour through and shine down on us to let us know they are happy”


(would love to, but cant put in any other photos :/)



Hey everyone!

Yes I know, I know

We haven’t posted in months

The thing is that life has been a big challenge lately (for me anyway) and it’s been hard to able too post.

This website was something that I knew I wasn’t able to upload weekly, it was actually made to blog the adventures that was made. As apart of my life goal, this blog is living proof that life is full adventures and that there’s one happening all the time.

I’ve also decided that when I post onward’s I’m not going to name the adventure but date when the adventure happened instead. I know that we haven’t technically posted adventures on here (I don’t know about Bry) but that’s what I’ve always tried to stick to.

Thanks to those who read this blog!

It means a lot to us!


Yet Another Adventure

Who doesn’t love weekends?

At our end of the world we cant let a long weekend pass with doing nothing, we take advantage of it and make sure the weekend isn’t wasted.

This time we went and did MANY things such as:

  • Fishing
  • Camping
  • Exploring
  • Gold Finding
  • Crystal Finding

Oh it was a full on three days! Plus there wasn’t any breakdowns (except for maybe a sibling fight)! Whenever we find a track we always have to take it and find out where it leads to. Well we decided to take a track that started at a plane wreck (the crash site looked pretty cool!), we passed through a river and a lot of boggy sand, but in the end it lead to a magnificent beach. Not only was it pretty but the fishing was great, within the first two casts we had caught a fair sized fish. It was such an amazing weekend!

I hope you guys have had those moments where you watch the sun set/rise with those you love most around you. It is defiantly such an amazing thing. I know we don’t always agree with some people (trust me on that one!) but really at the end of the day when you sit with them and watch your side of the world fall asleep/and or wake up all those moments fanish for that one moment and you really do appreciate that you have them.

Its like all that hard work you put into to put up with them does pay off. It may not seem like it sometimes but you have to look at the situation from a different perspective, sometime that’s the only way to see things worth doing.

Sorry for the wait!

Caitlin X

The Point

Before you read on I just wanted to say that I apologize about the quality of this photo.

It’s tiring in my opinion waking up real early one day and realizing that I should’ve of gone to bed earlier. Okay so maybe thats me everyday getting up for another day of reality. Often I think that its just not worth it. That using all this energy on people and the things that they do to you is just a waste of time and that there is no reward for it at the end. I believed this for a long time until not long ago.

4 am my alarm went off telling me that I had to get and get ready for another day, I was told that we had to get up early because dad was taking us out for another adventure. Sometimes they’re exciting sometimes they’re a living hell. I had a feeling that it was going to be a horrible day, maybe because of the lack of sleep I had.

This times adventure was crabbing. I usually don’t enjoy crabbing because I hate handling the pots as they’re quite tricky. Anyway we were on the water way before the sun came up and it was freezing cold! I really didn’t want to be here. Of course I had my camera ready to take a photo if someone had caught something worthy.

So I’m just cuddling myself on the boat trying to get warm when out of nowhere. The sun started to rise. It was one of the most magnificent things I’ve seen. I never usually see the sun rise, only set, but this just one sunrise brought so many colours with it! It was like the sun was waking up and putting the colour in the world for everyone to live in. It was like it’s not just us people that have to get up everyday and live but also other things do too!

Just seeing the sun rise that day made me grateful of so many things that I have. From then on I’ve seem to love getting up. It makes it seem like there is a point to get up everyday and get ready for another day of reality.

The point I wrote this publish is because I want to tell people that there is a point to get up and put up with this thing called reality. You’re reason may be different to others but you’ve got to find one. Finding that reason is the tricky bit though. However once you’ve found it, there can be so many things you can do with that reason. I’m no way in hell saying that life is going to get easy and that reality is going to turn to a walk in the park. I’m saying you can use it to remind yourself why you’re doing this.

Stay strong!

Caitlin X


Okay, so the School Holidays are hear and being stuck looking after the siblings is kinda boring. Two days went by and we had done absolutely nothing!

My little sister decided that she had enough and went looking for something that we could do. Twenty minutes later she walked out with a tie-dye kit in her hands and said “lets do something”. So we got out our gloves and went to work.

After ages of waiting for the dye to set in the shirts we got them out again and rinsed them through like 10 times. Then finally we hung the shirts up and got to see what we had done to our once white shirts and I gotta say they turned out great! It was worth getting dye stuck under my finger nails for the next few days. You guys should really have a go at doing it, you could end up with a new favorite shirt!

Hope you guys have a great holiday (if you are on break)!

Caitlin X

Family and Friends

It’s now coming to and end of a long weekend sadly and I don’t know about you but I’ve had such a great four days.

Last Wednesday my dad pulled out his black ute and tried to start it. Of course it didn’t start because he hadn’t touched it for 6 months and it needed some major maintenance. (I don’t know if you know this but my family love their cars) So Dad set his goal to have it fixed by Friday and go for and offstreet meet at the drags.

So of course with his mind set Dad had the car all ready to go and we packed and went to the drags for Friday night. Dad was alright at the beginning he won the first race but closer to the end of the night his reaction times got better and the car went faster. Overall it was a great night.

On Saturday we went out for a tube and ski at Manton Dam River like we always try and do. It was great Fun!

Then on Sunday, Easter, we woke up to a big box of chocolate beside our doors and a little egg hunt outside. Then we packed the car and headed off to Dundee for the afternoon. There we caught up with some great friends and we fished off the cliffs while watching the sun set on the horizon.

My whole entire weekend was based around having a great time with my friends and family, while doing amazing things. I hope you guys do something fun with your family every now and then. Its a great way to bond, tell stories and catch up. I don’t know about you but this is what makes life a great adventure.

Hope you guys had a fantastic Easter and enjoyed your chocolate!

Peace and Mind

Ever had that feeling where you could just throw a rock at someone? Had the urge to just stomp out of the room because it’s too much? Toss and turn all night because something or even someone is on your mind?

It’s called stress (or maybe an obsession if you do that last one). Stress is something that makes you anxious and is a state of mental or emotional strain or tension. It’s not a good thing to go through, stress makes it harder for you to control yourself and your emotions. Sometimes being stressed out can cause dangerous things to you.

Too much stress can result in lung disease, cancer, self harm, fatal accidents, damage to the liver (because of alcohol) and sometimes suicide. Nobody wants to go through this, however it happens in everyday life. People get stressed over many things, work, school, family, friends, etc.

If you’re going through stress there are many simple things to stop it:

  • Listen to peaceful music and lie down
  • Try to keep yourself away from the source that is causing you getting stresses
  • Go for a walk or run
  • Try a new hobby or activity
  • Meditate

All of these simple solutions are all based around the same thing. The peace and  mind. The best way to prevent stress is to take time for your mind to be at peace.

Even if your not stressed you should try to take the time for some peace in your everyday life. You might like doing it!

Hope this helps.



 Hey guys! My name is Bryanna but you can call me Bry.

Caitlin and I now share this blog. I am an aspiring chef. I love food and everything about it. I hope you enjoy our blog.

Caitlin and I have been planning trips and we would love to take you all with us!

Thanks – Bry


So today I finally completed a project that I’ve been working on for ages. I wanted to fill my wardrobe doors with memories. I’ve been to a lot of places and done a lot of amazing things with a lot of amazing people and I really want to remember them.  The main thing that photography is designed for is to capture those moments and then remember them later on.

To me photography is a way to record where you’ve been and what you’ve done. Sort of like proof to show people and to remind yourself.

When I’ve had a bad day and I think that life sucks, its hard for me to look at the positive things in life. Now that I’ve got my finished project, next time I’ll just look over at what good times I’ve been through and that there’s a lot more of them coming.

And it’s true there are a lot more memories coming our ways. More good times to be had. New places to explore and great people to share them with.

Hope you guys have a good start to the week!

Caitlin x

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